Monday, December 19, 2011

Wyoming Newspaper Project Now Complete

I received the following from the Erin Kinney, Digital Initiatives Librarian at the Wyoming State Library:
On December 15th, the Wyoming Newspaper Project reached a milestone--the last reel from the last drive was loaded.  That drive had 44 supplemental microfilm reels, and over 21,000 new pages.  The Wyoming Newspaper Project now has 791,764 full pages loaded.  Much of the new content fills in gaps in coverage, but there are many new titles as well.  Unfortunately, for many of the new titles, only a handful of issues survived to be microfilmed and added to this project.

The Wyoming Newspaper Project now has all of the newspaper microfilm reels for 1849-1922 that the Wyoming State Archives has in their collection.  We are aware that there are gaps in coverage and newspaper titles that are not included in the project.  We are building a list of newspaper titles and years that we know about through researchers like you, to be on the look out for to see if we can add them to the collection.  We have partnered with the Library of Congress to scan and microfilm the Wyoming newspapers that are in their collection, so look for those in the coming months.

Also, if you find anything amiss (a page that is mislabeled, search highlights not working, trouble getting a search to work or a page to print) feel free to contact me. []
Note from Miriam: I have not yet updated the Wyoming page of the Online Historical Newspapers site yet, so if you think there is a title from the Wyoming Newspaper Project that is not showing, just go directly to that site itself.