Thursday, April 29, 2010

Browse Issues in Google News Archive

One of my favorite genealogy bloggers, Taneya Koonce, sent me a link to her post at the North Carolina GenWeb project, highlighting the Browse feature of Google News Archive.

While I still am not impressed with Google News Archives' setup (you can't at all easily browse for titles by location - you must know the name of the newspaper first), I am delighted that at least a step has been taken in the direction of making browsing known titles a little easier!

Scanned papers at Google News Archives appear to be free, unlike links to articles they list in search results that may or may not be included in their archives: some are linked to subscription website NewsBank, others to the newspaper websites' for-pay archives. Dick Eastman has a link of some scanned papers here at his blog, but I do know this list is not comprehensive.

You can help me out by e-mailing me or commenting below when you find your favorite scanned titles at Google News Archives. Please include the link to the browsable title. As I receive this information, I'll get these titles added to the website.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Colorado Page!

Check out the new Colorado page!

Thomas and I worked on this page together. There are 164 titles, if I counted them correctly...and all are free, thanks to the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection.


Monday, April 12, 2010

More Illinois Titles

Thomas has added 10 more titles to the Illinois page. Three are from the Quincy Public Library, two are from the Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection, two are from the Illinois Digital Archives, and there is one each from the Center for Research Libraries, Hyde Park Herald, and Digital Past.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Adding Links Not Available to Public

My experiment failed. To my knowledge, it is not possible for the public to add their comments to pages on my website. I apologize for the inconvenience. From my perspective, when I was signed in as webmaster, it looked like once comments were enabled, anyone could comment. Unfortunately, it is only the webmaster and approved collaborators (such as Thomas) that can do so.

So I removed the comments that said "Please list your links below". I kept the comments I put up that listed links to other newspaper sites until we can get them all properly placed on the pages. There are a number for Illinois and Pennsylvania that I listed this morning in the comments sections at the bottom of the pages.

Thank you for your patience and your patronage.  Happy Hunting!

15 Atlanta Titles Added

I've just added 15 new Atlanta titles to the Georgia page. These are all free, courtesy of the Digital Library of Georgia.


95 New York Titles Linked!

Thanks to Thomas MacEntee, there are now 95 more free New York newspaper titles linked on our New York page. They are all from the Old Fulton New York Postcard site, which obviously has more than Fulton postcards listed! It's a great site to browse if you have upstate New York ancestors.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Add Your Links

Sorry, the following is not possible. See my update here.

I'm trying a new experiment on the Online Historical Newspaper site. I've added the ability to list your comments on each page of the site. Here you can leave links for other newspaper sites that I have not had time to upload to the pages and help other readers. Please keep the following in mind:

1. Leave links to whole digitized newspapers only. Transcriptions, obituary sites, and single articles are not helpful.

2. Put the links on the appropriate page. For instance, if you have a link to a site of Michigan newspapers, leave it on the Michigan page. If you have links to a state that I currently don't have a page for (i.e. New Mexico), leave them on the United States page. Leave links to foreign countries (anything non-US) on my home page.

3. As I upload links from the comments to the actual page, I will remove the comments to keep the site tidy.

4. If I find a lot of inappropriate or off-task comments, or if this experiment just doesn't work well for me, I will remove the comments ability on the site. You can always e-mail me your links as well.

Thanks for your help and your patience!

Arizona, District of Columbia, and New York Updates

The Library of Congress has continued to add many titles to its free Chronicling America website. I've linked 9 more titles on my Arizona page and 12 more on my District of Columbia page.  Also on those pages, you'll see I've linked 14 titles (Arizona) and 37 titles (DC) from Genealogy Bank, a subscription site.

And I just added 80 titles to the New York page from the free Northern New York Historical Newspapers site (all they currently have listed!). I also added another title from the Hudson River Valley Heritage site. Thomas MacEntee has graciously agreed to collaborate with me, so you may see more New York titles on this page, soon!