Saturday, April 10, 2010

Add Your Links

Sorry, the following is not possible. See my update here.

I'm trying a new experiment on the Online Historical Newspaper site. I've added the ability to list your comments on each page of the site. Here you can leave links for other newspaper sites that I have not had time to upload to the pages and help other readers. Please keep the following in mind:

1. Leave links to whole digitized newspapers only. Transcriptions, obituary sites, and single articles are not helpful.

2. Put the links on the appropriate page. For instance, if you have a link to a site of Michigan newspapers, leave it on the Michigan page. If you have links to a state that I currently don't have a page for (i.e. New Mexico), leave them on the United States page. Leave links to foreign countries (anything non-US) on my home page.

3. As I upload links from the comments to the actual page, I will remove the comments to keep the site tidy.

4. If I find a lot of inappropriate or off-task comments, or if this experiment just doesn't work well for me, I will remove the comments ability on the site. You can always e-mail me your links as well.

Thanks for your help and your patience!


  1. Hi Miriam -

    I can see your comments but I can't figure out how to leave a comment myself.

  2. OK, I'll check into it. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Sorry, Apple, I cannot find a way for the public to leave comments. :-( It was hard to me to see that until I signed out of the website.

    So I've removed the comments that say "Please add your comment..." But I left the ones I created that show links to other newspaper sites until we can get them added properly.