Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Finds in Newspapers: 17 October 2014

Recently, I found the following articles regarding newspapers at various blogs and websites:

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Additions, Updates, and Corrections of U.S. Newspaper Pages

Over the past 10 months, I have slowly made many updates, corrections, and additions to the pages of the Online Historical Newspaper site, specifically the U.S. pages. For some time, I was unable to do any work on the site, as I had shoulder surgery shortly before Christmas 2013, and was in physical therapy until the spring.

This summer, I made the most changes on the site, but realized I have never posted an update. So here goes! You'll see many new and updated titles from the Library of Congress' Chronicling America site. I have everything updated for the states Alabama through Michigan from the Library of Congress, as of today.

Additions, Updates, and Corrections

Alabama - one new title from Library of Congress, and one from Google News Archive; corrected one link from Jackson State University

Arizona - 34 new and nine updated titles from Library of Congress

California - three new and four updated titles from Library of Congress

Colorado - corrected two titles from GenealogyBank; two new and seven updated titles to Library of Congress

District of Columbia - updated title from Georgia State University Library; two new and seven updated titles from Library of Congress

Georgia - one new title from Library of Congress

Hawai'i - one updated title from Library of Congress

Illinois - two new and seven updated titles from Library of Congress; one updated title and two corrected links to UIUC

Indiana - 21 new and four updated titles from Library of Congress

Iowa - 13 new titles from Library of Congress and one new title from GenealogyBank

Kansas - 25 new and two updated titles from Library of Congress

Kentucky - 30 new and 16 updated titles from Library of Congress

Louisiana - 73 new and one updated titles from Library of Congress

Maryland - two new titles from Library of Congress, one corrected link to Georgia State University Library

Michigan - 10 new and one updated titles from Library of Congress; corrected one link to Making of Modern Michigan and two links to Orion Township Public Library

New Jersey - 10 new titles from Atlantic County Library System

New York - corrected link to Rockland County Messenger; updated dates on Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Ohio - four new titles from Minster Historical Society & Museum

Tennessee - two new and one updated titles from Library of Congress

Utah - one new title from Library of Congress

Vermont - one new title from Library of Congress

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Alberta, California, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Manitoba, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, and West Virginia New Pages and Updates

While I have not posted updates to this blog since April, it does NOT mean I have not updated the site. On the contrary, I was very busy this summer posting new titles to the site. However, this fall, I started to have some familiar shoulder pain, and sure enough, I became a candidate once again, for rotator cuff surgery, this time on my right shoulder. I had the surgery on December 19th, and am still very much in the early stages of recovery. However, I can type one-handed, slowly, and so I decided that now was as good a time as any to inform you of the new titles and updates that were posted this past year.

New Pages

Alberta - with one title from NewspaperArchive


California - one new title from NewspaperArchive, and two from Google News Archive; corrected info on one title from Google News Archive

Hawaii - nine new titles from Library of Congress; expanded dates on three titles from Library of Congress

Iowa - two new titles from Library of Congress

Illinois - one new title from Library of Congress

Michigan - seven new titles from Library of Congress

Minnesota - two new titles from City of Brainerd

Montana - three new titles from GenealogyBank, 17 from Google News Archives, 21 from Library of Congress, 13 from Montana Memory Project, and 24 from NewspaperArchive

New Jersey - three from Cranford Public Library, two from Joint Digital Archives of Fanwood and Scotch Plains, two from New Brunswick Public Libray, ten from Rahway Public Library, two from Sadie Pope Dowdell Public Library, three from South Plainfield Public Library, and nine from Woodbridge Public Library

Oregon - four new titles from Ancestry, one from the City of Rainier, six from Gale's 19th Century U.S. Newspaper Collection, nine from GenealogyBank, 23 from Google News Archive, 65 from Historic Oregon Newspapers, 23 from Library of Congress, four from NewspaperArchive, 14 from SmallTownPapers, and one from the University of Oregon Libraries; expanded dates for one title from Library of Congress. At this point, Oregon's page is as complete as I am aware it can be!

Pennsylvania - seven new titles from LancasterHistory and one from Internet Archive (via LancasterHistory)

Texas - 29 new titles from Library of Congress, and two from University of North Texas Libraries; expanded dates for one title from Library of Congress

Washington - removed link to Tri-City Herald after determining it is no longer offered through Google News Archive

West Virginia - two new titles from Library of Congress

Manitoba - for some reason, this page was not linked to the Canada page, so the public didn't have access to it, unless they knew the direct link. Fixed. Added one title from University of Manitoba.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Videos and Tutorials for Your Newspaper Searches

The Oregon Digital Newspaper Program blog has a helpful article out with links various videos and tutorials available for different digital newspaper sites, including Chronicling America and the University of Illinois. Check it out here.

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Great Educational Resource for Newspaper Research

I'd like to recommend a website that is a great educational resource for newspaper research, The Ancestor Hunt by Kenneth R. Marks. Ken writes articles on his blog about where to find digitized newspapers online and how to use them to find what you want. He has a list of research links, as well as a number of genealogy books he recommends. The finest feature on his site is his collection of video tutorials that demonstrate step-by-step the various digitized newspaper collections online and how to search, browse, and utilize them.

Here's an example of one of his many videos. They are available through YouTube, and are free to watch.

Viewing the video on this blog may not work well, because of the small size. Just click on the logo "YouTube" right under the video to watch it full size on the YouTube site.

Happy learning!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Elephind: A Digital Newspaper Collections Search Engine

This post originally appeared on my AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors blog:

Thanks to a heads up from one of my Facebook friends, I learned of a great new search engine targeted specifically for searching in digital newspaper collections, called Elephind. In fact, it searches across 14 collections in four countries, with more to be added. These include such well known sites such as the Chronicling America (the U.S.'s Library of Congress) and Trove (National Library of Australia), as well as smaller collections like Door County Library in Wisconsin. The statistics are impressive: over 1,000 titles, nearly 1,100,000 issues, and over 45 million articles and items. The date ranges cover 5 March 1803 through 2 June 2011.

One can search across ALL the collections with both standard and advanced search features. The advanced search features allow one to search in both text and titles. I did a trial search for my children's unusual ancestral surname, Westaby, and came up with 65 hits; 56 from the U.S. and nine from Australia. Results can be sorted by relevance, newest or oldest publication date. Additionally, the results are listed by location, source (collection), publication (title) and decade in the left-hand margin, for ease of filtering. Using this site, I was able to find several obituaries and articles for the Westaby family that I did not yet have.

Veridian, the software behind the search engine was "signed specifically to organize large digitized newspaper collections and make them easily accessible to anyone online." Many of the collections listed at Elephind were originally created with Veridian. This allows the results to be "fast, accurate, and relevant." Interestingly enough, the site is hosted in the cloud, as are a number of the collections.

This search engine site is worthy of bookmarking and being added to one's genealogical toolbox!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wyoming Newspaper Project Down Temporarily

I received the following message from Erin Kinney, Digital Initiatives Librarian of the Wyoming State Library:

This Friday, June 28, the Wyoming Newspaper Project will be down for a few hours starting in the evening, possibly into Saturday.  We are moving the newspapers to a new set of drives, ones that will be more stable, so we will no longer have those aggravating "Bad File Location" errors.  The data copying has already started, but the final switch will happen Friday evening.  Hopefully it will be fast with no problems.

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